All under one roof:

To best facilitate the wishes of our clients, we offer the possibility to utilize our facilities in Rotterdam. As a stock keeper we are able to store your purchased products to allow you to buy at a time of your choosing and have your goods delivered when you are ready to receive them. This service also allows you to insure yourself against fluctuating stock prices.

By making use of our grouped deliveries, clients are able to optimize the navigation of product flows and increase their operating efficiency by minimizing market risk.

Worldwide logistics:

Forest Metal Group guarantees a worldwide logistics service. With Rotterdam Mainport as our strategic home base we are operating on an international level. As an importer we serve the European industries with their required metals, and as an exporter we supply our clients in Asia and the Americas.

Our trusted, permanent network of logistical service providers allows us to deliver our products all over the globe and according to agreed specifications.

Indoor stock:

Our Indoor Warehouse, Processing & Recycling Centre in Rotterdam offers 30,000 square meters of roofed space for the processing and storage of goods. This allows us, as well as clients using our facilities, to optimally process and dry-store products and maintain standardized qualities.

Delivery on time:

Forest Metal Group products are delivered at the moment of your choosing. Our shipments are made according to the specifications requested by our clients and are ready to use, in order to optimize your production process.

Commodity services:

The metal industry, as part of a dynamic global market, is continuously exposed to fluctuating stock prices, leading to an amount of risk and insecurity. Through our LME Hedge Service however, we are able to cover our clients’ and suppliers’ risk positions on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Custom orders:

The processing of our products such as pressing, decoiling, cutting, sorting, loading and packing can be done to your exact instructions and specifications. If needed, we can arrange for the additional delivery of analysis documents, specifications or other relevant information. This way we are able to supply you with a product that is optimally adjusted for your own production process.

Standard production:

Annually we process approximately 100,000 MT of materials with an output of a constant quality. Due to our large warehouse capacity and efficiency in processing, trucks are soon ready do depart, saving you time and costs in transport.

Next to safety, innovation and sustainability are of prime importance in our processes. We continuously work towards improvement and reduction of our carbon footprint.

Quality control:

Forest Metal Group is continuously focused on the quality of her products. On arrival, each load is carefully inspected. Next to a visual inspection by qualified personnel, we accurately measure humidity levels and the spectrographic composition of each load, and assemble all relevant aspects in a file. In this manner contaminations are detected early and can be isolated. This allows us to guarantee a highly precise quality and supply our clients with the exact product they asked for.