The tree symbolizes our company, our network and what we do.

Like trees growing both up and down, we also maintain our roots and our foliage. In our line of work, input is just as important as output and we are only able to grow when our roots can sustain it.

With this idea we also care for our employees, for our partners and for our customers. Also the cycle lived by trees throughout the seasons symbolizes what we do: reinvigorating scrap so it can ‘blossom’ once more in the shape of high-grade, raw materials.

Vision: focus on reliability and innovation.

Our current society is continuously subject to change and sustainable development and transformation are two important topics towards a responsible future. These topics occupy us every day and guide our direction.

We aim to be a solid and reliable partner for our business contacts, today as well as tomorrow. The conditions are good products and services with a guaranteed quality and continuity. And by focussing on innovation and flexibility, we anticipate on new developments and opportunities.

Nature as our example…

To us, the recycling of non-ferro metals goes beyond assembling and moving stacks of metal. We transform metals that outlived their current lifecycle into valuable, raw materials for industries.

Nature gives us the best example. Like autumn leaves supplying nutrition for the next spring season, today’s scrap is the raw material of the future. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions, new ways to recycle and new possibilities to optimize our processes in both efficiency and sustainability.