Downloads & documents

On this page you’ll find the most important documents and certifications.


General Conditions pdf

Download Forest® Metal Group’s general terms and conditions here:


Warehousing conditions pdf

Download Forest® Metal Group’s warehousing conditions here:


Privacy statement pdf

Forest® Metal Group B.V. will handle all personal data with as much care as possible. Please download here the privacy statement:


Safety instructions & map pdf

Safety is one of our prime interests. With 24/7 camera surveillance on our yard, electronic detection and alert systems and our security staff we are maintaining a round the clock watch. But optimal safety measures can only be achieved in cooperation with our partners, with clear arrangements and regulations.


Licenses & certificates

GACC License

General Administration of Customs, China. Goods exported to China are always checked for quality, safety and origin.


Companies which collect or transport waste (industrial or hazardous) on a professional basis or which arrange for disposal or recovery of waste for others must be registered on the Dutch government’s VIHB list.


This certificate, issued by the Metal Recycling Federation, guarantees environmental, occupational health and safety standards.


BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) is an international trade federation that represents the recycling of ferro, non-ferro and other metals for global industry. Forest Metal Group is a Gold Member of BIR.


Forest® Metal Group is ISO certified. This is a global standard for the quality management of a company or organization. With the ISO certification, we uphold the quality standards our clients expect while continually striving to improve the services we offer them. This we achieve through our robust organizational structure and streamlined input and output processes.